SITE SPECIFIC INTERVENTION aluminium foil bas-relief environmental dimensions
12-14 Vienna
Courtesy by the artist

During my stay in Vienna, I searched the streets, flea markets and small stores for inspiration until I found the right material for my project: an old metal cookie tin. This one shows us the bas-relief of Wiligelmo, the first Italian sculptor.

Metal can be cold, but if you touch it it becomes as warm as your body temperature. Metal can be shiny, but it can also look shabby and used.
Old cookie tins tell stories of seasons, people, customs, other countries.

I collected many metal boxes on the street, deconstructed them, flattened the metal plates and assembled them in a new style.
Taking apart a box of cookies is like opening Pandora's box: those who open it will be filled with hope and perspective. At the same time, those who look at it will be inspired by a new story.

ph.credit: esel Joanna Pianka