Site specific installation in the public fontain Montebelluna (Italy)
63 aluminium letters
Curtesy by the artist

Pushing the circumscription of space to expand inner space is a conceptual installation, displayed inside one of the two fountains in Guglielmo Marconi Square, through the assembly of aluminum letters that - arranged next to each other - make up this phrase.

The work carries with it the dimension of relationship; in fact, it stems from an encounter that took place between the artist and a cloistered nun.
The artist recalls the nun's warm voice beyond the convent grate.
Words that despite coming from a circumscribed place were able to expand sensations, create and consolidate awareness.

The installation proposed by the artist inhabits the space in which it is displayed, blends in with it and dialogues with the person who experiences it.
By reading those words, we become aware of a process that, unconsciously, we perform every day when we find ourselves living in or passing through a place.
By moving, we shape our surroundings according to ourselves: we create a dimension, define relationships, distance or cancel them, fill empty spaces, empty full ones.
Our presence and movements always interact with our surroundings, changing them from time to time.
When we move in known environments, for example, to the conformation of which we are accustomed and in which we have already defined our spaces, we pass through them with extreme mastery, indifferent to the visual, tactile, olfactory, sound, and gustatory stimuli that they may convey to us.
In contrast, when we find ourselves in contexts foreign to us, we activate all our senses, capture images to orient ourselves, catch scents and sounds to memorize, try to understand how we pos we are moving, the potentialities of our being in that place.
Space determines how we are and how we feel.
By becoming aware of this condition, we can change our relationship with the environment in which we live and with ourselves.
The work was previously exhibited in Vienna and at Palazzo Santi in Cascia in 2016.
For the edition of the festival "Urban Visions - art meets people" 2021, the work is installed inside the fountain in Marconi Square, Montebelluna, for the occasion the artist proposes the donation of the work itself.