Site specific installation
environmental dimension
aluminuim foil, glass, mirror
Ex villaggio Eni, Borca di Cadore (IT)
ph. cristina calderoni, nicola noro

Our gaze inside the Colonia is guided by the dimension of the square, a frame that determines our point of observation: the Gellnerian window. During my period of residence at the former Eni Village, I tried to push this condition to its maximum strength, working continuously between inside and outside, establishing a relationship with the territory and the rhythm of my body. The research process began by experiencing the roofs of the Colonia, which allowed me to understand the masses and volumes of the building, contributing to the birth of my point of view.I was immediately attracted by the roof surfaces: iron sheets covered in oxide. This element is the visual residue of memory in things. It coincides with the identity of the place. It is a deposit of atmospheric agents, in the temporal dimension. The oxide in me becomes present, inhabiting tears of archaeology. My action becomes geography and a reflection of a new world.