Disk 45 rpm
produced and sponsor by Il Vinilificio, Bologna (IT)

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Brama is a voice, your voice.
Born during the performance Nice to meet you that took place in the city of Vienna in 2017. People were invited to have a talk with me about the idea of home. The sound is a recording of different voices, that I mixed together as a vibrating sound collage. The topic was Home. Home is something that everyone is lo- oking for, home is a feeling, is freedom, is love.

“...People talk by talking. Cristina Calderoni took talking as a medium of empathic experience
in a frame of political and hedonistic approach, kind of research and reflection of the status quo of nowadays society. The notion of „the public“ must be renegotiated, what does public include, where is the border to privacy. An intimate situation between artist and model allows for a greater openness, even though it takes place in the public space. The possibility to read a voice like a hand palm forces to build an inner image of that person. The voice can’t escape, only can turn mute - which would be a refusal and the end of the coope- ration.
The Audio on Vinyl tells about transforming, creating a process, about changes. The voice transports the condition of the subject, but also the base invented and given by the artist. For open chats the starting point has to be created as a pleasant environment, where the soul has the chance to become transformed through a common act. Brama comes from to whish, to desire - to feel the voice as a declaration of desire for another society, a kind of better world, for an exchange between us, for a togetherness, Cristina Calderoni uses the traditional ceremony of talking in Salons as a tool for transforming bad habits of today. To stop, to sit down and to get involved in a conversation, to be aware of stepping out of the daily tour de force and enjoying a retarding moment for arranging and digesting thoughts. Thats the moment to become aware of here and now and the basic meaning of society and friendship.”

-extract by Denise Parizeck, from the exhibition Cordial point at 12-14 contemporary, Vienna.